Rides in the Champ du Feu

During a one hour or longer ride , in the stubble fields of the Champ du feu you will get to know better the horse you will be given , and this in a friendly atmosphere .Follow the successive stages :

-Meet your horse in the meadows (approach in the pasture)
-Bring it back to the stables (move to have the horse in hand)
-Explanations to know how to take care of it (brushing grooming...)
-Preparation of saddlery
-Advice and safety regulations for your pleasure to be the greatest and to respect the animal and environment.(see pony-trek rider charter)


1 hour 20euros, 2 hours 30euros, half a day 40euros, one full day 60euros.



cavaliers-2-p.jpg cavaliers-13-p.jpg


From a few hours’horse-ride to a long excursion in saddle or attachment, to make the adventure beautiful and safe, let us all keep in mind some simple rules :
I respect my horse
I ride or harness a healthy horse, without any injuries, well-adapted to my level and to the requested effort.
I use a harnersing appropriate to the horse and to the activity planned.
To travel far away, I take care of my mount by adapting its pace according to its physical condition, to the kind of ground and to the landscape.
I plan enough watering places on my route so that it can drink and when I leave for a long journey, I take food adapted to the effort it will have to put in.
I respect the countryside and the spaces I go through
I learn to know the fauna, the flora, the geology and the beautyspots I discover on my route.
The only souvenirs I take of my trek are snapshots. I avoid picking anything. It is not because a plant species is abundant here that it is not rare elsewhere.
To prevent my horse from trampling wild species or from causing erosion of easily damaged grounds, I do not stay on ways and paths I neither cross arable land nor plantations.
I do not frighten animals grazing and I close the gates I have opened.
I do not throw anything, I do not leave anything behind me but the tracks of my horse.
I report any anomaly noticed on my route as for example fires breaking out, stray animals, rock falls or illicit rubbish dump.
I respect other users of the countryside
I am courteous with all the persons I meet on the way.
When I pass hikers, I slow down and I keep my distance.
During the hunting period I am watchful and I avoid battue areas.
I am provident
I chose safe gear.
I inform someone about my leaving and my itinerary.
I always take in my saddlebags :
a first-aid kid for men and for horses
a knife and a torch
a hoof-pick for a ride and a blacksmith’s kit for a trek
some money or a mobile phone.
I try to be visible whatever the weather and at any time so I wear light-coloured clothes and reflective bands at night.

These precautions don’t get you out of letting us know about your rights and duties.
Let us ask for information about the highway code, the forestry code, the rural code, rules of nature reserves and protected areas, about horseback riding on roads regulations and about general measures concerning private properties.