The horses of the Champ du Feu

Horses are my life, my passion and my friends.
As they live in the wild, they are docile, well- balanced and easy to ride. As they are good-hearted they will give you their best to please you whether you are a beginner or an expert

The horses of the "Champ du Feu"

Saylor Tex: Stallion Quarter Horse.
Redskin Lucky Day: Quarter Horse of reining competition.
Fallstar: Pony trek Quarter Horse mare.
Moonlight: Quater Horse mare for pony-treks
Hopelady Chex: Quarter Horse mare
Quincy: Criollo gelding for pony-treks, used to cattle work in Argentina.
Parano: Gelding for pony-treks, non-recorded origin participated to European championship of endurance and trek.
Rully: Spanish gelding for pony-treks, endurance and trek championshipchevaux-4-p.jpg
Raz de Marée: Spanish mare for pony-treks.
Vosne Romanée: Mare from the Camargue for pony-treks.
Pipo: Gelding for pony-treks, non recorded origin.


The Horses of the "Champ du Feu" graze on the ski pistes which, then, are well-kept.
Fertilizers of meadows and clearers, they keep the natural patrimony of the massif.
Today protected plants such as the lily of the mountains, the wild orchid, the arnica and plenty others proliferate on horse pastures a lot of more here than anywhere else on the massif.

Lys Martagon reveil_1.jpg The marmot

What to say about the marmots which live here too, in a perfect harmony which the horses ?
Horses which are the man's best conquest will make you discover an original nature of a torrential beauty, a going back to the beginnings, unknown by a lot of people.