The Mossig River Valley - Presentation

cavalier_11_1.jpgWelcome to the Mossig river valley
Rockin'K Ranch 11 rue de l'Abbaye 67310 ROMANSWILLER
Tel : only after e.mail

Created in 1994 by Luc KRAMARZ, the ranch offers a beautiful natural wide space to go horseback riding, and cow working

You’ll discover the flora and the fauna of the mountain. The wide area will give you a feeling of freedom and you will be quickly convinced of how important it is to be environmentally conscious." The Vosges Natural Park " on horseback is a surefire way of living an adventure with an out- of -common complicity.
Can you dream of anything greater , more intense?

The Rockin' k Ranch is affiliated to:

Luc.jpgDNTE: (National Delegation of Equestrian Tourism)
DNSE: (National Delegation of Equestrian Sport)
NRHA: (French National Reining Horse Association)
AQHA American Quarter Horse Association

Supervising is carried out by Luc Kramarz who is a guide of equestrian tourism approved by the French department of youth and sport .Currently he is preparing an equestrian tourism and western horse-riding
certificate called :BPJEPS

Luc is qualified in harnessing, blacksmith trading ,equine first-aid and plenty more besides. He always shares his knowledge with great pleasure.